rudy movie
rudy movie

In 1993, Director David Anspaugh shared a remarkable story about a highly underrated dreamer. The narrative, exhibited as the film “Rudy”, detailed the life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, an undersized young man who overcame major challenges to play football for the University of Notre Dame. In the process of achieving his goal, Rudy turned non-believers into believers and showed everyone the end result of perseverance is victory.

Even so, “Rudy” is much more than one person’s triumph over seemingly impossible odds. In reality, the film transcends the world of football. At its core, the movie is a call-to-action for all those who have ever doubted their own worth or their ability to succeed.
The motivational theme of the story inspires the downtrodden and frustrated to move forward instead of standing transfixed in their own disappointments.

As Rudy rushes out onto the field after so many years of watching from the sidelines, the young boy, who failed to make the wrestling team on his first attempt, knows his second tryout could very well be the one to earn him the coveted team jacket. “Rudy” is also an anthem for individuals, like Daniel himself, who were encouraged to choose life paths other than the ones they truly wanted. Only by following their own dreams can these people find contentment within themselves.

At the same time, “Rudy” is the whistle shrill which encourages every athlete to push himself to the breaking point while training relentlessly to earn a spot on his country’s Olympic team. For all of these individuals, the film stands as a much-needed reminder that success rarely comes to those who do not persevere because those who stop knocking will never be heard.

Since the beginning of time, people and nations have been falsely judged on their appearance. For this reason, bigger men are naturally assumed to make better football players, and taller males are considered better candidates for NBA teams. Of course, it goes without saying that smaller countries can never hope to prevail against nations bigger than themselves.

The movie “Rudy” allows us to accept the fallacy in this perception. It was not too long ago a small nation called the United States defeated a much larger country to win its independence. Some of the fastest players in the NFL are of short stature, and many of the world’s most influential people have been and are quite diminutive in size. These monumental successes only prove once and for all that size is inconsequential.

At the end of the day, commitment and perseverance are the two factors which determine a person’s or group’s ability to be successful. The film about Rudy Ruettiger’s life is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time because it reiterates this stirring message in a voice that appeals to individuals of all ages.